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This is it chaps. The Posh Test Help Page.

Why are you reading this ?

We know our customers. They are people like you bored on the way to work, bored at work or bored on the way home from work. Sometimes, they are watching something on TV and their friends have said why don't you play this. That's how it works. What we don't understand is why anyone would read the help page for a multiple choice quiz website. You can't get it wrong. You really can't.

So are we going to help or not ?

OK. So this is how you play. You click/press start and then you get a question or a statement. You will see a list of multiple choice answers and you need to select the answer that matches your position or most closely matches your position. It's really easy. You can't go wrong. At the end, you get a score in percentage from 0% (which more or less means that you are barely connected to civilisation) to 100% (which means that you couldn't get more posh if you were born in the back of a Rolls Royce being driven through your country estate by your butler on the way for your titled parents to choose which Rembrandt from their storage collection they should hang on the walls of your nursery).

And then ?

You tell ALL your friends about this website. And this is important. You cannot be friends with us unless you tell everyone you know.

Just A Bit Of Fun

Finally, it's important to understand that The Posh-O-Meter is just a bit of fun. It will not accurately tell you how posh you are because as we all know, if you are really posh, you don't need to ask.

Enjoy the test !

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