About The Posh Test

Some jolly quirkly wibblings about the rather good Posh-O-Meter posh test. From henceforth known as the 'legendary' Posh-O-Meter. Or L-Posh for short. Or LP for brevity.

Why are your reading this ?

Let's get something straight. We write up these about pages because we feel that there should be more to the website than just 20 questions and a homepage. But we don't expect anyone to actually read them. This is a simple game. Being posh takes breeding. Ancestory. Lineage. You either have it old fruit or you don't.

What is posh ?

Posh isn't just about wearing red trousers or saying 'OK, yah'. It's more than that. It's a state of mind where you think you are always right. Where people who buy French cars have bad teeth. It's a very simple way of life.

The meaning of Posh

Yes OK. We get it. You think that Posh actually stands for something. It's what your old English teacher (ruddy fine chap he was too - rowed for Cambridge - bit of a gammy leg) would call an 'acronym'. He's popped his clogs now. In any event, in reality, that's almost certainly not true. Have a little gander at what does posh mean.

Seriously, what is the posh test ?

It's a highly scientific test to find out whether you are posh. By posh, we mean proper posh - not as the skinny one that's married to David Beckham.

Should the 'o' in 'Posh-O-Meter' be upper or lower case ?

Finally - a serious question. We aren't sure. We debated for some time (around 45 seconds) to whether when one creates a serious test, one should use the upper or lower case. More importantly, should it have hyphens at all ? Yeah, we considered the morphene boundaries, we looked at the maximal onset principle and considered the various contradictory syllabifications. In the end, we went to the pub and chose hyphens and an upper case everywhere. It's what it is. Worth mentioning that we then got into an argument in the pub about whether to order Gin & Tonics or Gins & Tonics. Leave that with you.

Who Created This Site ?

We can't tell you. If you've seen or used other TabDesk websites you'll know we never talk about TabDesk.

But what happens if I want to be posh and the test says I'm not ?

Tough. It's not that we don't care - we do. But, the test is never wrong*. (*We accept that sometimes it can be mildly inaccurate.)

Just A Bit Of Fun

Finally, it's important to understand that The Posh-O-Meter is just a bit of fun. It's not scientific and it doesn't provide an accurate way of measuring your Poshness. Only your butler can do that.

Enjoy the test !

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