The Posh Test

The Posh Test consists of 20 questions.

Answers are multiple choice

Your first answer is your final answer.

114,149 people have now taken the posh test.

Nobody will see your answers - so be honest !

What is the Posh Test ?

To be posh, you usually have to have breeding. You have to come from the right, as they say, stock. The correct lineage. But that's not always the case. It's now possible, just by using this incredible posh test to learn how to be posh. Doors will open. Society will laugh and hand you some champagne. You will become part of the elite. If you have ever asked yourself 'Am I Posh ?', then we can now reveal the answer.

Actually, probably not. However, that's not important because you can still find out firstly what is posh and secondly just how posh you are. You simply need to use this brilliant and, may we say, highly accurate posh-o-meter posh test. And because we know that being posh and being clever aren't always bed fellows, we've made this multiple choice ! 20 questions, one definitive answer.

Please note that as your public school headmaster/headmistress will have taught you, confidence breeds success. Therefore, we can only accept your first answer and you can't change your mind. So you need to make sure you think very carefully. You must become one with posh for one to be posh.

At the end of the posh test you will be presented with a single percentage score which defines your poshness once and for all. The higher the percentage, the more posh you are. Nothing more. Nothing less. Enjoy and share !

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